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A Guide to Enrolling your Deed Poll

Enrolling your Deed Poll, in the Royal Courts of Justice, is an entirely optional process, but please see below for further details.

The cost of enrolling a Deed in the Royal Courts of Justice is as follows:

Court Enrolment Fee   £10.00
Advertisement Charge    £90
Copy of London Gazette   £2
Total £102

You will also need a Statutory Declaration (we can prepare this for £25 + VAT) and a notice for the London Gazette (you can prepare this yourself, we will tell you what to write).

Additionally, the Statutory Declaration must be sworn in front of a local solicitor/commissioner for oaths. There will be a charge for this of circa £5, payable to the person concerned.

As you can see, these costs start to stack up which is why very few of our clients (maybe 1 a year) choose to enrol their Deed Poll, particularly as it has no effect on the legal status of your new name.

Enrolment simply means that a copy of your Deed Poll is stored securely, initially at the Royal Courts of Justice and later at the National Archives, and an announcement is made in the London Gazette.

However, if you would like to enrol your Deed Poll then we are more than happy to assist you with the procedure.

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