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Divorce can be a catalyst for seeking to change a name by Deed Poll where a child is to be brought up by a new partner, perhaps where the child’s biological parent has lost touch, and his or her name is changed to that of a new partner. In the case of divorce it is not uncommon for a woman to wish to revert to her maiden name or another name to escape the unpleasant connotations of her former married name.

A Decree Absolute and Marriage Certificate can be produced and used as documentary evidence when reverting to a maiden name after divorce. Change of Name Deed Poll may still be required however.

Where a divorced woman has dealt with a bank or other institution before marriage, may not need to send on the Decree Absolute , or Marriage Certificate if the bank, for instance, still has their maiden name on file.

Title changes from Mrs to Ms may also be made in the case of a pre-separation. Children's names can be changed via Deed Poll as long as parental consent is obtained.

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