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How do I change my middle name?

You can change any part or your whole name by Deed Poll including your middle name(s). Applying for a Deed Poll to change your middle name(s) is straightforward and you can do so by completing the Adult Application form on our website

You can also change the middle name(s) of a child; this can easily be accomplished using the Child Application form on the Apply Now page of our site.

It's easy to change an existing middle name or add new middle names. In fact you can choose to have as many middle names as you wish.

By default, we consider the last name entered on the application to be your surname, for example John Fred Peter Smith would be considered to have 'Fred Peter' as his middle names and 'Smith' as his surname.

His name would be shown on his Deed Poll paperwork as John Fred Peter SMITH, note that the surname is in capitals. Therefore, please ensure that if you have more than one surname that all surnames are entered in capitals. By doing so your Deed will clearly distinguish between your middle and surnames.

The example above generally applies to long names but it is an important consideration.

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