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How do I change my name with my employer?

When you change your name by Deed Poll it is relatively easy to inform your employer but there are a couple of issues to consider which will be explained below.

If you work for a relatively small company then it is likely you will be able to speak to your boss directly or in writing, for larger companies you may need to contact your line manager, department manager or HR department; you will need to supply your signed Deed Poll as legal evidence of your new name.

Will the delivery of my wages be effected?

This depends on how you get paid, if you get paid by bank transfer (BACS) then changing your name will not be a problem because your bank account number and sort code will not be changed. However if you get paid by cheque then you must make sure you change the name on your bank account to ensure you can pay in cheques in your new name.

Can I use my old name for work purposes?

Yes it is OK to use your old name for work purposes (employee/client relationships), however you must still inform your employer of your new legal name for HR and Payroll purposes. Your old name may only be used when acting on behalf of your employer in connection with the companies clients.

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