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How do I revert to my maiden name?

In order to go back to using your maiden name, you will need either a decree absolute (this will be issued on completion of your divorce) or a Deed Poll. N.B. a Deed Poll will be required to change the name on your passport as HM Passport Office will not accept a decree absolute.

If you would prefer not to wait until you're divorced to get all of your document and records changed to your maiden name, or you need to change your passport, then we can supply a Deed Poll that will show your name as it is now and your original maiden name as your 'new name'.

Once signed by yourself your Deed Poll paperwork can then be used to change all of your documents and records back to your maiden name i.e. your Passport, bank account etc.

To proceed please complete the Adult Application form and put the name which you use now where it says 'Current Name' and your maiden name where it says 'New Name'.

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