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Name Change upon Marriage (Women)

When a women marries a man she does not automatically have to adopt her husband's surname. In fact, she my continue using her surname if she so wishes. However, her marriage certificate will allow her adopt her husband's surname. A woman may also want to:

  • Use her maiden name as new middle name
  • Combine her surname with that of her partners to form a double-barrelled name
  • Mesh the surnames together to a form a new name

If you wish to use any of the above options then you will need a Deed Poll, except in the case of combining your surnames to form a double-barrelled surname whereby your Marriage Certificate will be accepted by government organisations i.e. HM Passport Office, but often financial institutions such as banks will still require a Deed Poll for this purpose.

You should consider applying for your Deed Poll in time to ensure it will arrive to coincide with the changes you may wish to make following your marriage.

Following your marriage you will likely want to change your title to ‘Mrs’, this can be done in three ways:

  • If you are changing your name and require a Deed Poll then your change of title will appear on the Deed Poll but you will need to inform us of this change when filling out the order.
  • If you are adopting your husband’s surname then you will need to send your Marriage Certificate along with a covering letter that states you are adopting your husband’s surname and changing your title to Mrs.
  • If you are keeping your maiden name then you need to send a covering letter along with your Marriage Certificate stating that your are keeping your Maiden name but wish to change your title to Mrs. If you are keeping your maiden name then there is no need to inform the Passport Office of your title change as it does not show on your Passport.

If you change your name you may continue to use your maiden name at work as technically you are working on behalf of your employer, this might be preferable for a number of commercial reasons.

If you are self-employed then you can continue trading under your former name as technically you will be (new name) trading as (old name).

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