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Transgender Name Change Advice

If you are a male to female or female to male transsexual, you can change not only your name but also your title by Deed Poll. For example, it is perfectly legal for Mr John Smith to become Mrs Sarah Jones or vice-versa.

You will be able to change your name and title on all your official records such as your bank accounts, passport etc.

Applying for a Deed Poll to change your name and title is straightforward and you can do so by completing the Adult order form on our website.

When completing the application form you simply need to select your desired new title from the list of available options.

Please note, changing your title does not effect your gender status, something that can only be changed via the Gender Recognition Panel - website:

The Gender Recognition Panel assess applications from transsexual people for legal recognition of the gender in which they now live.

The panel was set up under the Gender Recognition Act 2004 and ensures that transsexual people can enjoy the rights and responsibilities appropriate to their acquired gender.

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