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What is the Deed Poll process?

The Deed Poll process, or as it is more commonly known, changing your name by Deed Poll (not deep poll, d-poll, de poll), can be defined as a simple three step process, that has been in existence for over 150 years:

Process Overview

Many thousands of people have changed their names by Deed Poll, and in the UK it is the most recognised route to officially change your name.

Step 1: "Apply"

Whether you choose to visit a solicitor or apply online through a reputable company such as ourselves, the outcome will be the same; a legal UK Deed Poll document.

Step 2: "Execute"

Your Deed Poll document has to be ‘executed’, this is a legal term which means you must sign your Deed Poll in the presence of an independent witness.

By doing so, you will be legally bound to the use of your chosen new name and or title.

Step 3: "Notifiy"

The final step of the Deed Poll process is to send notification of your new name to any company, organisation or government department that currently hold your old name on their records.

This means that they simply need to view your executed Deed Poll document in order to confirm your new legal name.

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