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We offer all of our legal services on a fixed price basis. Please see below for further details:

Adult (16 years +) or Child (15 years -) Deed Poll £15 inc VAT and postage - Web exclusive.

Please see below for details of our current fees:

Fee Table:

Adult Deed Poll

£15 including VAT and First Class Postage.

Child Deed Poll

£15 including VAT and First Class Postage.

Duplicate Originals (Legal Copies)

£3.50 per copy inc. VAT.

Adult and child fees are per person. Additional duplicate originals (legal copies) requested when completing your application are available for £3.50 per copy inc. VAT.

If you wish to apply by phone, post or visit our office in person, by appointment, then please call 020 3318 0245. Price includes 50% web discount - our standard price is £30 including VAT for applications made offline, i.e. by telephone, in person or by post.

Service Details:

You will receive: your stamped legal UK Deed Poll paperwork, professionally presented and printed on our official certificate stock (plus any extra legal copies ordered). Plus, you will also receive printed, easy to follow instructions for how to sign your Deed Poll paperwork, list of 'common places to notify', guides to informing Government Departments and other organisations that you have changed your name, and covering letter template. All of the prices displayed on our website are inclusive of vat.

We also securely store your record on file to make it easy for you to obtain further legal copies of your Deed Poll paperwork in the future.

Same day processing (applications received before 4pm weekdays). Additional duplicate originals (legal copies) are available for £3.50 per copy inc. VAT.

Deed Enrolment - £74.99 + VAT (+ court fees)

Enrolling your Deed in the Royal Courts of Justice is not a legal requirement, however, if you choose to do so then we can carry out the extra steps required on your behalf. For a child, enrolling the Deed is an alternative to our Court Order Acquisition option.

Please call for more details.

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