Can I get a copy of my Deed Poll?

There are three main ways of obtaining a copy of an original Deed Poll (Deed of Change of Name).

1. Go back to the original supplier. Typically for older name changes (pre circa 2000) this will have been a Solicitor. However, if your name change was more recent then it may have been through an online company such as ourselves.

If the original supplier doesn’t have a copy, the Deed Poll was not enrolled or the original supplier is no longer in business, then please see point three below.

2. Search the National Archives. This is only possible if the original Deed Poll was ‘enrolled’, in which case it would have been lodged in the Enrolment Books of the Supreme Court of Judicature at the Royal Courts of Justice.

After approximately five years the Deed would have been moved from the Royal Courts of Justice to the National Archives. You can search the National Archives in person or, for a fee, they will commission a search on your behalf.

Alternatively, if the Deed Poll was enrolled then a notice of the name change would have also been published in the London, Edinburgh or Belfast Gazette. You can search for such notices online via

3. Obtain a new, Replacement Deed Poll. We can provide a new, Replacement Deed Poll which will show your names as they were written on the original, but with an amendment to show that the ‘new name’ has been in use since a certain date.

We issue many replacement Deed Polls to clients who have been asked to obtain a ‘copy’ of their original name change.

Obtaining a Replacement Deed Poll is very easy, simply complete our Replacement Deed Poll Application Form

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