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I am 24 and me and my partner have been together 7 years and have 3 beautiful daughters together.

We have been engaged for 6 years but as we have 3 young children I am unable to work and I don't see the point of spending thousands of pounds on a wedding day just to receive a piece of paper when all I want is to have the same surname as my partner and children, as when they are at school I don't want the awkward questions my children ask as to why I'm not mummy jerome like daddy.

I would much rather spend my money on holidays and treats for my children that's why I was overjoyed when my friend told me I can simply just come on this site and change my name for a small affordable fee of 15 pound, with no hassle or stress of planning and paying for a wedding. Thankyou this was a godsend and has made my family life complete.


The reason I changed my name was to make my stepdad proud by taking his last name. He has been there for me since I was little and has always been the dad to me that I never really had. Changing my name has really made me feel like our family is now one unit and that I can now call him 'dad'.

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Dr Cormack

NHS Doctor, John Cormack, hit the headlines when he changed his name by deed poll with us in 2013 to Dr John Cormack-the-Family-Doctor-who-works-for-the-NHS-for-free.

Dr Cormack changed his name to highlight the funding issues faced by GPs across the country.

Parrot Man

A man who has been dubbed the human parrot after installing horns, getting his eyes and tongue tattooed and even cutting off his ears to look like his favourite bird, changed his name with us in 2016 to Ted Parrotman.

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