How do I change my surname name?

You can change any part of your name by Deed Poll, including your surname. Applying for a Deed Poll to change your surname is straightforward and you can do so by completing the Adult Application form on our website

You can also change the surname of a child, this can easily be accomplished using the Child Application form. Parents, in particular mothers, often change their children’s surnames to match that of a new partner or, (following the breakdown of a relationship) to their own maiden name .

In some cases, you wish to have two or more surnames, for example, John Jones Smith may wish to use both Jones and Smith as his new surnames. This can be accomplished in two ways, he may either choose to double-barrel his surname to form Jones-Smith, or to just use Jones Smith as his surname without a hyphen.

The surnames(s) on your Deed Poll documentation will be printed in capital letters, for example, John Jones Smith would be printed as John JONES SMITH so that there is a clear distinction between fore (first and middle names) and the applicant’s surname(s).

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