How do I change my title?

By Deed Poll, you can change not only your name but also your title. Applying for a Deed Poll to change your title is straightforward and you can do it by completing the Adult Application form.

When completing the application form, you simply need to select your desired new title from the list of available options. You can change your title for any reason you wish.

Women often change their title to Mrs when taking the surname of their partner, which means unmarried couples can be known as Mr and Mrs XXX in the same way as married couples can. Please note whilst this is perfectly legal, you must never do this with the intention to deceive or obtain an unfair advantage. For example, when completing an application for a loan, it must be made clear that your relationship status is not married.

Another reason people change their titles is because they have gained the use of a title such as Dr, either through academic study (PhD students) or a acceptance into the General Medical Council (GMC).

This also to applies to applicants who wish to add post-nominal letters to their new name i.e. OBE, in which case, we would require either a copy of an official letter relating to the use of the title i.e. an original invitation letter from the Honours and Appointments Secretariat or a copy of the notice published in the London Gazette.

Please note if you only wish to change your title and not your name then you will need a Master Title Deed. To apply for a Master Title Deed, please complete the application form as normal but enter your current name in both the current name and new name boxes and select your desired new title.

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