How do I change the name on my title Deeds?

If you own land or property then you will need to change the name on the title Deeds pertaining to it. In this guide we explain the process you need to follow and provide details of who you should contact.

Updating your name on the Land Registry’s register is not only a legal requirment of signing your Deed Poll but it is also important to ensure you receive any letters that they may send, for example if someone has made an order which affects your interest.

In order to change your name on the Land Registry register and the title Deeds to your land or property, you will need to send your original Deed Poll (not a photocopy – they will return any original sent to them), together with application form AP1 showing the nature of the order as ‘Change of Name’.

You can contact the Land Registry on:

0844 892 1111

(Mon – Fri, 8am-6pm)

The required form AP1 can be downloaded from:

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