How Do I Revert To My Birth Name?

How do I revert to my birth name?

In order to go back to using your birth name, you will need a Deed Poll. Applying for a Deed Poll to change your name back to your birth name is straightforward and you can do so by completing the Adult Application
form on our website

You can also change the name of a child back to their birth name, this can easily be accomplished using the Child Application form on the Apply Now page of our site.

When completing the application form you will need to enter the name which you use now where it says ‘Current Name’ and your birth name (as it is written on your birth certificate) where it says ‘New Name’.

It is not necessary to include the details of your previous name change as your Deed only needs to show your most recent former name and the ‘new name’ which you wish to use from now on.

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