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Making the process legAl

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how to change your name

You have the legal right to call yourself by a different name, without following a particular process, providing it is not for fraudulent or deceptive purposes. However, if you want to change your name on important documents such as your passport and driving licence, as well as other records (bank account, NI record etc), you will need to change your name by Deed Poll.

You can change part of your name i.e. forename, middle name or surname, or you may change your entire name. This includes making a spelling alteration or re-arranging existing names

The actual process of changing your name by Deed Poll is a straightforward, three stage legal procedure. The Deed Poll process has existed for over 150 years, and in that time hundreds of thousands of people have changed their names by Deed Poll, making it the most recognised way to legally change your name.

Whether you choose to go through a high street law firm, or apply online through a reputable online specialist such as ourselves, the outcome will be the same; a legal UK Deed Poll which will be accepted by all Government Departments, companies and organisations.

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