Name Change upon Divorce Women

you can revert to the use of your maiden name if you divorced by using your decree absolute and marriage certificate as documentary evidence. However, in some cases you may still require a Change of Name Deed Poll – if this is the case then the company/organisation concerned will advise you of this.

If you are dealing with a company such as a bank, who knew you before you where married, then they may still have your maiden name on file, if this is the case then you may not need to send your marriage certificate along with your decree absolute.

You can also change your title from Mrs to Miss, and like in the case of pre-divorce separation, you can also change your children’s names via Deed Poll, as long as parental consent is obtained.

A copy of your decree absolute can be obtained from the Principal Registry of the Family Division, Decree Absolute Section, First Avenue House, 42-49 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6NP or Telephone: 020 7947 7017.

To obtain a copy of your Marriage Certificate you should contact the General Register Office for England and Wales on 0845 6037788.

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