Other Reasons

The Self Employed and Name Change

Self employed people can continue to trade under their former name, as they can be recorded as (new name) trading as (old name) for all matters related to their business.

Civil partnership

Where a civil partnership has been formed, a civil partnership certificate, like a marriage certificate, is valid proof of name change. In a civil partnership between two women, a Deed Poll will be required if one or both partners wish to use the title Mrs.

Name Change After Adoption

Adoptive birth certificates show the child’s surname as that of the adoptive family. This document is sufficient proof of name change, that is accepted by all government departments and organisations. However, a change of the child’s forename or middle name will require the name to be changed by Deed Poll.

Deed Poll and Death

A woman who has been widowed can change her name back to her maiden name by sending her husband’s Death Certificate and the Marriage Certificate as proof name change to relevant record holders.

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