Keisha Austin from Kansas City has recently changed her first name to Kylie, due to perceived negative connotations surrounding her former name, and the very real torment that she unfortunately suffered because of it.

As colleagues of a law firm offering a deed poll service, we are often asked the same question by friends and relatives: “why do people change their names”. There is no single answer to this question; as the Daily Mail article proves, the reasons people have for wanting to change their names are extremely diverse, and very personal to their individual situation/life journey.

We find these reasons fascinating, which is why actively we encourage our clients to share their experience with others online. Ultimately, no matter the reason, a name change will nearly always have a fundamental effect on the persons’ life, further defining their sense of self. So it’s a great freedom that we have in the UK to be able to choose a name that suits who we are, and it’s fantastic to see citizens of another country able to avail themselves to a similar, straightforward name change process. Although, the US setup is slightly more complex, due to their legal system, in having to get the name change court stamped.

If you’ve been considering a change in name then there has never been a better time to get started.