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Even those who are blissfully happy in their marriages may decide to change their name by deed poll if the current trend for using both partners names, in a double-barrelled arrangement, is adopted. In fact women are not legally obliged to take a man’s surname upon marriage and may continue to use their new old surname, if they wish. Women and some men getting married might want to:

  • Use their former maiden name as a middle name.
  • Combine both their original surname and new one to create a double-barrelled name.
  • Combine both partner’s surnames to create a new name for both partners.

Apart from the double barrelled option, where a Marriage Certificate will suffice and is accepted by government departments, any of the other options will require a Deed Poll to formalise the arrangement. If a woman wants to keep her maiden name, but change her title to ‘Mrs’ then a covering letter will have to be sent with a Marriage Certificate when effecting changes to accounts etc. There is no need to inform HM Passport Office in this case, as a title change won’t show on a passport. Women can continue to use their maiden name at work, as technically they are working on behalf of an employer and, as such, this arrangement may be preferable for commercial reasons. If you think that you would like to start your new married life with a new name remember to apply in time so that the process will be complete by the big day.

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